This is a list of policy pages for this Wikia. Please also see Category:Help, and the policy pages on the Central Wikia.

Contact the founder or a admin if you think something should be added.

Basic RulesEdit

1.No flaming, raging or or person attacks.

2.Follow all basic rules of Wikia

3.Be fair and show respect to all users of Wikia.

4.Have fun and enjoy the wiki. :3D

Roleplay and Beyonders Roleplay Wiki RulesEdit

1.This is not part of the Beyonders Series.This is taken place when all the characters from the series are dead,or gone.

2.No being Mary/Gary sue or godmodding.

3.Use this character format to help create a character.Contact the Founder or admin for questions about roleplay and such.

4. Somethings may be off-limits to users. Contact a admin or the founder to ask for it and they may deem you worthy of it.[If you possibly abuse the said limits item,it may be possibly revoked from the user.]


First Offence:You will be sent a warning and a admin will contact you to fix it.

Second Offence:You will be sent another warning and be possibly be put on"Probation",which means you will not be able to create anymore articles until you fix said error or mistake.

Note to Administrator: Please advice the user on how to fix the error,if needed.

Third Offence:The user will be sent another warning and he/she may be blocked for a period of time.

Fourth Offence:You will be blocked for a period of time unless you fix the error in time

MAJOR OFFENCE:You will be immediately blocked for a period of time,or be banned from this wiki.

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